MFW Design from Berlin

About me

M. Florian Walz

I have worked as a freelance graphic designer since 2007. My office is located in Berlin, Germany, but my clients are spread out all over the world. Some of them are local start-ups, and some of them are worldwide corporations with hundreds of years of business history.

Apart from my client work, I am also a guest lecturer at the Berlin School of Arts for Advertising Design (Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule).

Excerpts from my work

My Portfolio

Business Partners and


Over the past few years, I´ve had the privilege to work with a variety of people and organizations. Here are a few of my clients and business partners:

- [´blu:boks] BERLIN
- Deutscher Bundestag (German Parliament)
- Humboldt University of Berlin
- David Garrett
- Anthony Thet
- Berlin Adler – Amercian Football Team
- Mokoh Musik GmbH
- Life Trust Zambia Mission
- Nana Mouskouri
- BBE Bundesnetzwerk Bürgerschaftliches Engagement
- DEAG Entertainment
- DeinDesign GmbH
- The Salvation Army in Germany, Lithuania, Poland and England
- Gemeinsam Gegen Menschenhandel e.V. (United Against Human Trafficking)
- Groupon City Deal
- Joachim Deutschland
- Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche Berlin (Berlin Memorial Church)

I am also a guest lecturer at the Berlin School of Design (Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule).

Excerpts from my Field of Work

Services offered

Graphic Design

I design advertising posters and magazines as well as websites and online banners.


Branding includes logo design, designing typography, corporate design, re-design of existing logos and also the conception and design of corporate style guides.

Editorial Design

I primarily design magazines, brochures, and books. Usually I work directly with a client, but of course I have also worked as part of a bigger crew in many cases.

web design

I design concepts and layouts for websites as well as online shopping systems. Furthermore, I design and optimize online social media channels.


EPart of my work is designing structural and visual concepts, which function as a solid foundation for the ensuing design work.

Film & Animation

In cooperation with other teams and colleagues, I work on designing music videos, computer animations and similar animated projects.


Another part of my work is the designing of analogue and digital illustrations, storyboards, and mock-ups.


Depending on the project, I also work as a photographer in studios as well as outside locations. This can be as a part of a bigger team or directly with the client.


I design advertisements for magazines, brochures, larger posters, and billboards. I also design online advertising banners.